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    The Synergies of Our People are Required and Now We Must Focus Them


    “To Render Technology Useful, We Must Blend It With Humanity. This Process Will Serve Us Best if Alongside Our Most Promising Technologies, We Bring Our Full Humanity, Augmenting Our Rational Powers With Our Feelings, Our Actions And Our Faith. We Cannot Do This By Reason Alone!”

    — The Late Michael L. Dertouzos, MIT


    Renascent3 Develops and Implements Emerging Technology Roadmaps

    Advancing Agile Lifestyles & Open Communities


    The Associative Fabric

    It’s About Adapting for Rapid Change


      ♦  Flexible Housing & Livelihoods

      ♦  Shared Resources and Spaces Commons

      ♦  Open Learning Communities Learning the Practices of Open   Collaboration

    Hands-on Learning by Doing

    Adaptive Lifestyles

    Identifying Appropriate Tools & Services

    Exchanging Ideas and Knowledge

    Researching & Testing Technologies for Needs-based Innovation & Implementation

      ♦  Blending Technology Transition and Monetization for Advancing Families and Communities, e.g.:

    Entreprises— Social Enterprises, Freelancers 

    Citizen Interaction— Collaboration, Mentors, Interns, Externs

    Prosumers (Producer/Consumer), Makers, Hackers and Professional Amateurs

    Testing Technology Models— Projects Building Trust and New Knowledge Resources through Interactive Practices

      ♦  Social Technologies have Radically Disrupted Education, Lifestyles, Communications, Government, Commerce, and Transportation

      ♦  Using these Same Technologies, People are Now Sharing Products and Services with Each Other— Bypassing Existing Institutions.

      ♦  Beyond Business Functions, the Collaborative or Sharing Economy is Dramatically Impacting Core Lifestyle Models.


    New Paradigm

    Social Networks


    The Shift to Social Network’s ‘Pull’ Communication — Where Individuals Share Resources — Runs Counter to Existing Business Process (and the Traditional ‘Push’ Communication) and Will Eventually Invalidate It.


    Push-and-Pull Communication Styles Conflict, and ‘Pull’ Harmonizes Entirely With Social Network Communication.


    These Advances Undermine Traditional Business Processes and the Collective-Collaborative Organization that Evolved in Lockstep With Outmoded Industrial-based Business Processes.




    The Shift isn’t Evolving in the Way that Email Led to Organizational Flattening.


    Rather, it will Invalidate the Rules and Roles of Traditional Business Processes and Turn the Process Logic into Just Another Form of Information Passed Along Through the Social Network.




    Though Not Obvious to Many at this Point, the Companies that are Structured in a Connective-Cooperative Style will Gain the Most Benefit from Social Networks than their Counterparts.


    Stated More Strongly— Those Desiring to Get the Maximum Boost that is Inherent in this Lean, Self-innovating, Agile Model, will have to Proactively Take the Necessary Steps to Shed the Rigid Cultural Principles of Slow-and-Tight, Twentieth-Century Business.



    To Better Facilitate the Changing Dynamics, the Entreprise Matrix Promotes Lifestyle Enterprises— New Agile Income Sources for Enhancing Families and Communities.


    Incorporating Three Forms of Adaptive Business Culture:


     1. Collaborative—  Inverted Pyramid-and-Processes Framework

     2. Cooperative/Sharing—  Adaptive Network-and-Connections organization, ad hoc relationships, laissez faire decision making, time banking, complex adaptive systems

     3. Competitive— Wheel-and-Spoke Organization


    High-Performing companies are operating based on ‘Flexible’ ties among individuals in and across businesses. Many of them will be supported by next-generation cooperative tools.

    Individuals in these companies will have more autonomy, and there will be more opportunity when compared to the large slow-and-tight, risk-averse companies that are dominant today.

    The value of consensus is falling in a rapidly changing, unstable world where there is a higher premium for business innovation and more uncertainty than ever before. 

    This leads to a devaluation of business processes, particularly those business processes intended to direct human agency and to act as a surrogate for micro-managing employees’ every move.


    Companies risk becoming disconnected by consumers who connect with each other. The Entreprise Matrix provides a Collaborative Value Chain, helping companies redesign their business models, by becoming a Company-as-a-Service, Motivating and Innovating a Community and Market.



    The Forward-looking Business will Employ One Model

    — Agile Livelihoods Employ All Three


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    Emerging Technologies Bring Fantastic Opportunities



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