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The New Social, Economic, Institutional and Legal Paradigm Characterizes the 21st Century


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We Need Technology That Understands All Humans

As transformative as current technology has been so far, we have only witnessed a warm-up act for what is about to happen.
In less than 5 years, people will look back and see our thoughts of being in the “computer age” as naive. The difference between what those technologies do for us today compared to what they will be able to do when they are animated by the power of AI is unfathomable from today’s view point.

This is certain: AI will transform everything–every home, business, manufacturing, transportation, agriculture, every job, everything. Each of the thousands of daily decisions that we make or that are made on our behalf will become dramatically better or worse in a world of artificial intelligence. The cumulative effect that this will have on our lives, as well as on the planet as a whole, dwarfs the imagination.
Our mission is to provide local hands-on projects to gain information and analysis to help make better decisions about technology. Our mission can bring better understanding to people and communities, helping us make better decisions.

We believe that the rapid adoption of technologies by people and communities is essential to our success as human beings.
What’s happening today is more profound in its implications than electricity, and just as one cannot imagine deciding not to use electricity or taking a “wait and see” attitude about it, people that don’t rethink every implication in light of new technology are at risk at being displaced by their more agile competitors.
Technologies are double-edged swords: On the one hand, adopting them will lead to vast increases in efficiency and productivity. On the other hand, it gives those same benefits to all competitors as well.
With technologies as transformative as AI, it is a race to see who can implement them the best and fastest.