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CarePOiNT  Empowering Patients with Sensors and Bionics for Monitoring Patient-Specific Health Indicators — Raising the Quality of Health — the Quantified Self.


Sensor technologies and algorithms offer ways to help with these challenges. Through mobile health applications, sensors, medical devices, and remote patient monitoring products, there are new avenues and pathways through which health care provision is being vastly improved.


These technologies facilitate precision sensory care, and empower our bodies. Applications allow both patients and providers access to AI, Lab Tests, and Medical records using sensing devices.


Complex healthcare applications are integrated and adapted for individual management of chronic disease, and monitoring of critical health indicators. They enable easy linking with an accelerating array of wireless and wearable devices from disease tracking, blood pressure, glucose, calories & fitness, prescription delivery, health reminders, appointment notices, and medical references, to physicians and clinicians.



Personalized empowerment is Quantified Self, proactively addressing medical conditions, through real-time monitoring and treatment, no matter the location of the patient or health provider.


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In the video below, MobiHealthNews discusses the current state of telehealth with American Well’s Roy Schoenberg MD, Twine Health’s John Moore MD, Flare Capital’s Jason Sibley, and Naomi Fried, formerly of Biogen and Boston Children’s Hospital.








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