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    3D Printing Heralds the Next ‘Industrial’ Revolution

    Many who gush about 3D printers say they herald the ‘Next Industrial Revolution’. Up until now, 3D printers – which allow you to create physical objects out of designs on a computer – were in the domain of R&D departments at industrial giants. They were expensive an unwieldy. 
    That has changed and this technology is going mainstream, allowing garage inventors to create ground-breaking products and services at will.
    People are able to invent things, experiment and go to market with products faster than at any time in our history.  
    Innovations are booming, the technology is driving advances in new materials and applications including: graphene, cartilage, bones, hearts, ears, noses and more almost daily.
    Others, are printing houses, buildings, vehicles, aircraft, clothing, jewelry, prosthetics and on and on. . . 


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    The 3D Printing Revolution is Just Beginning

    There Are Fantastic Opportunities Now 

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    Gravity-defying 3D Printer to Print Bridge Over Water in Amsterdam

     Michelle Starr  CNET



    “I strongly believe in the future of digital production and local production, in ‘the new craft’,” bridge Designer Joris Laarman said.

    “This bridge will show how 3D printing finally enters the world of large-scale, functional objects and sustainable materials while allowing unprecedented freedom of form. The symbolism of the bridge is a beautiful metaphor to connect the technology of the future with the old city, in a way that brings out the best of both worlds.”   Full Story..


    Related:  “3D Printing is About to Change the World Forever” 

    by Rick Smith, Forbes    Full Story..




    New Approaches are Needed to Address a Widening Functional Gap Causing Unknown Levels of Distress and Depression for our Families & Communities.


    Rapidly Changing Technologies and a Fumbling Bureaucracy are a Recipe for Our Failure.


    To Avoid a Looming Crisis, We Have to Quickly Look to One Another to Develop Local Capacity.


    R3 Projects address the needs of Technologically Displaced People and the Functional Crisis that lies before us. They prepare people for New Opportunities by Building Local Capacity to Accelerate Positive Change.


    Focusing on the Challenges of Structural and Functional Obsolescence, Addressing Key Issues Directly within the Community itself. 


    Pioneering at Local Levels via Social Enterprise Startups.


    R3 Projects Leverage Disruptive Technologies to Support Local Advancement through Bottom-up Empowerment, Creating Value and Well-being Simultaneously.  




    Here’s 8 Reasons:

    1.  Crowdfunding & Grassroots Support Answers the Need for Speed

    2.  It ‘s an Explosive Growth Market, with Unprecedented  Versatility

    3.  Rising Value Across Vast New Markets, Driving Competition, Research and Innovation

    4.  Distributes Productivity and Inspiration Locally Generating New Jobs, New Businesses, in New Fields

    5.  Fills the Functional Gap with ‘Gold’ New Knowledge & Experience

    6.  3DP Rapid Prototyping is a Key to More High Impact Projects and Businesses. As the Speed of Technology Continues to Advance, so Must the Capabilities to Produce and Validate Prototypes.

    7.  The Ability to Produce a Product or Service is much more Dynamic today and Markets React Faster. 

    8.  Reduced Development Time/Cost provide a crucial Edge entering New Markets, and Distributed Manufacturing at Local 3D Printing Hubs Further Cuts Time, Shipping Costs and Carbon Footprints.



    3D PrEP, a Catalyst and Dynamic Model for Startup Innovation, Flexible Collaboration, Concept Validation, Open Knowledge Sharing & Risk Mitigation.


    According to independent research company Canalys, the size of the global 3D Printing market, is predicted to reach $ 16.2 Billion by 2018.


    Its estimates show the sector stood at $3.8 Billion in 2014, up from $2.5 billion globally in 2013. And in 5 years the company believes the market will grow by over 500%.




    Gartner Research is Forecasting a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 106.6% in Worldwide Shipments of 3D Printers through 2018, and Revenue Growth of 87.7% for the Forecast Period.




    Risks & Challenges


    In the short-term, using local resources may seem to pose more risks and challenges because many of us have become rooted or adjusted to patterns of distraction, denial and dysfunction. There are some areas that are exceptional, though generally these challenges are clearly becoming more prevalent across the nation.


    If we take a moment for reflection, we must acknowledge the 20th century systems don’t have the agility to address the deteriorating conditions and declining attitudes around us.


    This is OUR Challenge


    WE Can and Must Pull Participants Together, Sharing our Abilities and Energies in Projects for the Greatest Benefit – Capacity Building


    • Building adaptive 21st Century lifestyle businesses that drive change for good- Families and Communities Succeed.


    • Sharing- Time Banking, Collaboration- pooling our abilities to identify and overcome the challenges ahead.


    • Participation sparks Social Innovation, New Knowledge and Insight of potential Opportunities and Challenges.


    • Addressing the Disruption and Improving our Position to Benefit by Filling in the Functional Gaps of Rampant Change.


    • Open Source Access of the Projects allows critical information for strategic planning and forecasting decisions



    Empower !!


    • Please GET the WORD OUT and Make Some NOISE about OUR Campaign.


    • Interact with Us, Strengthen Our Mutual Cause from Where You Are


    • Become a Unique and Valuable Resource, a Change Agent for a Better World 



    Help Families & Communities Harness Rapid Change


    Small businesses are failing at a higher rate than at any time in history. The state of entrepreneurship in the United States is, sadly, weaker than ever.


    Business incubators are serving a wonderful purpose for college educated entrepreneurs. There are millions more who are not satisfied working their current jobs or many others unable to afford rising college debts and are left disillusioned and lost.


    Shared and Flexible Networks for Validating Emerging Technologies that Advance Lifestyles and Communities.


    Cloud Allows Us to Combine Competencies into New Service Offerings, and Mobile is Forcing Companies to be Less and Less Monolithic and to Take Many Small Steps Much More Frequently to Change How They Function.


    Globalism, Cloud, and Mobile Make it Imperative to Seek out and Develop Participant Skills to Give a New and Persistent EDGE.


    Our Perks! —



    ‘Take Action in Tees – That are as Cool as a Summer Night’s Breeze’    

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