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CompuLab Breaks Out Silent Mini Computer With A Distinctly Minty Flavor

  R3bot Fanless Computer Module   Paul Ridden      June 28th, 2018 (Credit: CompuLab) CompuLab breaks out silent mini computer with a distinctly Minty flavor. The MintBox Mini 2 has been developed in collaboration with Linux Mint. Israel’s CompuLab has updated its mini computer for lovers of the Linux operating system. Again collaborating with

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AI – Bots Advancing Beyond Human Comprehension

Bots Are About To Get Better At Customer Support Than Humans Thanks to machine learning, AI-enabled bots could gain a competitive advantage over human chat exchanges By MICHAEL SIKORSKY and RITA GUNTHER MCGRATH Monday 1 January 2018 Rune Fisker In 2018, AI-enabled bots will provide a better customer experience than human-to-human chat exchange, following the explosion of messaging

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Weaponizing AI – A Human Tragedy

AI Cyberattacks Will be Almost Impossible for Humans to Stop As cyberattacks become more refined, they will start mimicking our online traits. This will lead to a battle of the machines Source WIRED:  AI cyberattacks will be almost impossible for humans to stop   As early as 2018, we can expect to see truly autonomous weaponised

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The Unemployment Misinformation

Bruce Lesnick JANUARY 1, 2018 Real unemployment in the US today hovers around 8.3%, afflicting more than 17 million people. This is roughly equivalent to the combined populations of New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston. Over one third of the working age population has given up looking for work. On top of this,

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