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Concept Projects


    Help Steer the Greatest Changes in the History of the World




    As in the Early Days of other Epic Moments in Human Progress, Pioneers and Adventurers are Striking Out on Their Own.  


    New Types of Businesses are being Built literally Overnight— in Colossal Markets that Didn’t Exist even 5 years ago— with the Knowledge and Activities of Connected Visionaries.


    We Must Act Now to Build a World of Reason, where Social Progress is Not Stifled by Bureaucratic Layers and Slothful Decision Makers.



    We No Longer Have the Luxury to Wait on Trickle Down Partisan Guidance



    With the Blazing Speed of Today’s Advances—

    We Face Unknown and Potentially Extreme Dangers



    Open Source Knowledge Sharing— Leads to Enduring Social Capital



    Glocalization Social Capital


    Coming Together for a Better Life and Purpose—

    to Better Prepare for Today’s Extreme Challenges

    From Any Level of Our Participation, We Gain Valuable Insights into Disruptive Technologies that are Enveloping Our Lives and those of Our Children






    Projects Provide in-the-Moment, Hands-on and Virtual Experiences for Stimulating Knowledge Sharing in New Fields and Activities



    Renascent3 technology translation projects generate new knowledge and lifestyle clarity by cultivating project roles with evolving capabilities and interests—


    Which continuously integrates new learning and aligns with our ever-changing realities. This removes power from the implicit norms and instead vests power in an open process, and the expectations and authorities which result.



    Test Ideas



    The Projects are Designed to Inspire More Collaborative Opportunities and Increased Knowledge and Experience in New Fields of Progress





       Planting Seeds   



    The Knowledge and Experience Gained from Projects are Translated into Our Communities — 


    Skills in New Growth Markets

    Family-oriented Livelihoods

    Practicing & Testing Change— Insights and Understanding

    Adaptive Learning for a Quality Life and Success in a Globally Interdependent and Rapidly Changing World



    Augmented and Virtual Reality Technologies are Crucial to Our Abilities to Deal with the Speed of Change



    AR VR HoloLens



    R3 Channels Continue to Evolve as Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR & VR) are Implemented to Enhance Our Participation Abilities 


    See CH 5 – Virtual & Augmented Reality 




    The Next Paradigm


    Today’s Web and application ecosystems haven’t changed substantially since their inception, offering too many options and too much manual work for a user to achieve a given task. This emerging conversational paradigm enables your natural mannerisms for achieving tasks in the digital realm. An interface requiring no user manual, makes complex tasks far easier via simple conversation and gestures and, makes tedious aspects of using applications, sites and services of today Obsolete.


    Read More:  iMorpheon Insider Channel


    Using an orchestrating mechanism to the world of Knowledge and Services, you find yourself in a place where services don’t need to be discovered by an app store or search engine.


    It becomes a New Space where users are Conductors and will no longer be required to navigate each individual application or service to find and do what they want. 


    Rather they flow effortlessly from one need and choice to the next— with services competing and cooperating to accomplish your desires and tasks —simply by expressing them. Just by asking.



    People Interfaces are Researched and Validated

    in the iMorpheon Concept Project

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